At JL Creative Software, we are continually improving our products to provide our customers with the "best of breed" software solutions!

Our Customer Support Team is here to help ensure that you get the most out of JL Creative Software's products and services. Let us help you use our products, to meet your challenges and provide the solutions you need. If you have an issue, let us help to solve it!

Please Note: Our staff will NOT respond to email verification requests. If you are using this type of anti-spam measure, please add us to your friends list before sending your email.

Missing Key: If you did not receive your key in your email, please check your junk/spam email folder. Please include a FAX number in any correspondence you send us.


If you are having difficulties with the software, please try the following steps before contacting Technical Support.


1. Make sure you are running the latest release of the software. You can check what version you are running to be sure it is the most recent by clicking on Help... About in the program. If you are not running the latest version, please download and install.


2. If you have recently installed new software, try uninstalling and re-installing your NoticeWare branded product. You can also use Windows Restore to go back to a date when the software was working.


3. Have you read the documentation, FAQ and looked to see if there is a video tutorial that answers your question? Please explore these avenues before contacting support.


If the above suggestions have not helped you please contact support.


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