JL Creative Software announces today that the latest version of NoticeWare Reporter is available for download.

We recommend that current users do a backup and full uninstall of  you current version of Reporter before upgrading.

This version fixes a couple of bugs and works around a JAVA 8 issue and is considered a critical update.


About NoticeWare Reporter:

Our flagship reporting product now has a device management feature which will allow you to download / and upload your templates and reports to any device running NoticeWare Reporter.

NoticeWare Reporter V15 is the next generation release of our industry-acclaimed Inspection software.

We have designed this latest release to maximize usability for our clients. The days of paper inspection checklists are gone. Clients now expect a high-end electronic report, preferably immediately. Reporter allows for a PDF to be produced right on site and emailed to the client and their representative as soon as the Inspection is complete. NoticeWare Reporter is used by Inspectors of all types to produce in-depth reports. Templates for different types of inspections and reports can be easily created and completed. Inspectors can add hints as reminders of important things to remember for the more experienced and the novice. Completing the inspection is simple with Quick Comments allowing Inspectors to insert common phrases for specific items. Photos and sketches can be inserted directly associated with the item for easy reference in the final report.

Our NoticeWare Reporter Mobile for Android version is available from Google Play. Note: for device management support, you need version 15 or greater installed.

Our clients have the most powerful reporting system at their fingertips. We know what our clients want, and ease of use has been at the top of our list. With a price point that is affordable for Inspectors just entering the business, NoticeWare Reporter is sure to be the software of choice for a growing number of new entrants and experienced Inspectors alike.

NoticeWare Reporter is available for a full trial from www.noticewarereporter.com


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